Releasing a new shipping console.
Every day I've told them to let me know when ANYTHING goes wrong.

I released it last week on Tuesday.

Yesterday.. they came with some missing options. Ok fine. I fixed them. Then repeated the same sentence: Let me know DIRECTLY when ANYTHING goes wrong!

Today, I planned to leave early and tomorrow I have a day off.

30 min before I leave;

hi, something's wrong, I told X yesterday.


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    Just ignore them and leave early today.
    It is their fault.
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    Yeah, just leave..

    I did this mistake way to often. In the end they contacted me at any time, any day..
    Work/live balance became 99/1.
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    Saddest part: it's my fault for leaving it like that anyway. It has to work, or else it's chaos: e-commerce (:
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    @xewl yeah.. fuck e-com, fuck Finance..
    Worst sector I’ve experienced so far.. (almost only worked in fintech though 😄)
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    @just8littleBit Fintech is cool, but when shit hits the fan..... e-commerce solutions same story, but we can sort of fix most of it after an error occurred. I'm guessing fintech&ecom is for masochistic people that like the pressure or see stuff on fire and still think it's all fine and dandy xD
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