Looking for help for my daughter who is an American exchange student in Germany struggling to learn to code Java in a classroom that only speaks German. She is using Java-Editor for her assignments but doesn’t know how to translate English-based tutorials into German. Like, what’s the German word for “properties” for finding the properties tab in the UI? That sort of thing. Is there an English to German glossary, or better yet a way to switch the UI to English?

I don’t speak German but I do code, so trying to help her is difficult.

Thanks for any help.

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    This Java-Editor? http://javaeditor.org/doku.php/...
    It describes there how to change the language. If it is currently set to German the Option might be "Sprache" I would guess (I don't know that editor, but Sprache is German for language).
    Properties in German should be "Attribute".
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    The school sucks IMO. English is the fallback language for programmers, so they should translate their papers to english..

    Anyway.. the most names of programming stuff are the same as in English. Like properties, attributes, argument, variable, parameter, virtual machine etc.. there are just a few exceptions I know. But thats mainly because it’s hard enough for students to understand in German. Like pointer, some call it Zeiger which is the German word for pointer.
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    Thank you! Or, shall I say, “Danke”.
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    May I ask what city she is in?
    I speak english and german so could probably help a bit.
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    Oh come on. Sorry, but is typing "java-editor switch language" or something into Google too hard?
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    @Embeddeded Well, this is her first time coding. She’s not as familiar as we are with the language of coding or what to even look for in a search result that might help her.
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