What's your hourly rate?

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    60-100 USD

    Denver, CO, USA
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    Please tell us where you live, and ask people where they live, and what's their contract type. With b2b contract you have to pay taxes on your own and have no social benefits. On the other hand being employee you have all kind of social security, like paid sick leave, paid holidays, health insurance, or even additional cash when your family member dies or you have a baby.
    For example in Poland on b2b contract I could earn 2x what I earn being employed.
    Rate is similar to Gablerns, but I'm a "web developer" focused on Java.
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    Permanent Employee, £35p/h, Scotland.
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    $140/h is the reccomended rate as a web dev company in switzerland. For highly specialized dev work it's up to $280/h.

    the rate is calculated by
    (all costs for a year of doing business) + (your profit margin) + (15% contingency) divided by (2’016 work hours per year) = your hourly rate.

    The median salery in Switzerland for employees is around $6'502 a month.
    In IT the medium income is $8'900 a month.
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    $50 partial service for half an hour, $100 an hour. $500 all night.

    Oh wait you didn't mean.... Shit
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    So $55.625/hr?

    Pretty nice.
    Cost of living must be quite high there, though, being socialist and all.
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    Last job: $33.65/hr (las vegas, nv, usa)

    Full-stack rails dev wage spread in the city: $41-$50/hr. So I was getting screwed AND treated like crap. Yay!
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    @Root Socialist? Nah the swiss voted against 6 week holidays, the 40h work week, minimum wage and paternity leave. Protestant work(a holic) ethic is strong here.

    You get by with $4000/m.
    for a 35sqm flat you pay $1350/m.
    Food is something like $500/m
    Healthcare insurance is about $350/m.
    Monthly bills is about $800/m.
    which leaves you with $1000/m which you can pay in your pension or spend it on stuff.
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    @heyheni Jesus Christ I pay $600 ($675 with electricity and internet) for a 68 SQM apartment. I'd live in a fucking tent before paying that much for so little lol
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    @heyheni my mistake! I had just woken up and misread it.
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    @Stuxnet MacMansion eh? 😄
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    @heyheni Basically 😂😂

    To be fair, my apartment is on the cheaper end for this particular city. The apartment tower I'm looking at for the city I want to move into is around $1800/m for around 74 sqm.
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    We pay $2315/m for a three bedroom house(~1650 sqft) with a two car garage. It's this low because we're in a relatively far-out part of town. But we have a train stop about a mile away, along with a number of shops, bars, and restaurants closer than that, so we're happy with where we are. A comparable amount of space and neighborhood amenities in an inner neighborhood would probably be about $4000/m.
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    @heyheni 8900/month?
    We were told we‘d make 75k-85k when we finish school (BsC Informatics) and I currently make ~5500/month as a student (gonna graduate in a year)... I think I need to talk with my boss 🤔😅
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    I make $20 CAD an hour working part-time as a technology consultant (glorified IT that does a bit of coding here and there). I'm still a student and live at home so it's more about experience than the money for me.
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    I work for a UK company remotely they pay me 8 GBP/ hour.

    Our most of work is in symfony, phalcon, Magento and company own framework.

    Do you think it's a good rate? BTW living in Pakistan I'm happy with this.

    Bajaur, Pakistan.
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    @iftipro if that's a full time job with a permanent contract with that UK company. You should get a UK salery. Otherwise it's wage dumping.

    The average uk programmer income is £53'000 a year. And you earn £16'000/y. Even if you dobble that you're still cheap.
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    $95/h (Sthlm).
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    € 75
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    Full stack developer doing also devops things.
    About 4€/hr which is considered hight salary in Tirana, Albania.
    Remote job for a company in England 20€/hr.
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    @netctl go find swiss kosovo albanian companies on the internet, they'll pay you more than 20 per hour.
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    @heyheni thats a good idea i will do some search.
    Also i need to pay a shit load of taxes because my monthly salary is more than 1500Eur a month and in my country is considered high salary. Fuck it.
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