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    You really started with a bad joke huh?! Anyway welcome to devrant 😆
    Ps PHP is not dead :)
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    Funny... and fuck off 😀
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    @Khani Yeah, it is more alive than it ever was! Gotta love PHP 7.
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    I see PHP hate I ++ 😊
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    @rafiusks The C in PHP stands for consistency
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    I used to have preconcepts about it. now I work with the language, and I'm liking it.
    But still doesn't know why it is popularly considered bad.
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    Am I dead??
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    Who needs more knowledge?
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    Laravel changed my opinion about PHP...
    It's now nice, fast and understandable!
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    I usually see that the amount of hate a person has for X technology/language/framework is usually driven by their own incompetence as a programmer.

    > “I hate js!!! It has x problem”
    > “You’re a programmer. Solve the problem, don’t bitch about it.”
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    As a junior developer coming into the field, it’s at times concerning to see that we software developers/engineers, with all of the power that we have when we write code that potentially affects hundreds or thousands of people, still manage to act like children so many times; fighting over who has the best toys in the playground, why X toy is bad and why Y toy is shinier. Your job as a programmer, designer, marketer, engineer, etc. should be master any tool you might use - relating to programming - it doesn’t matter if you use PHP or JS or whatever people are hating now, your job is not to have the best tools, your job is to produce results, make those tools work for YOU, no matter how quirky or strange they can be.

    Again - I think it comes down to your own level of competency as a programmer and person overall.
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    Lol it looks like someone took the joke too serious. Smh.
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    Well, I just got a work where I have to learn PHP so I'm dead...
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