Man i realy need to get of my windows host.
My productivity takes a nosedive whenever im on windows idk why.
I'd love to use linux fully but my fav game Overwatch has shit performance running on linux.
So the best solution would be to pass through my gpu to a windows vm for gaming.
But that would require a new gpu for the host system as the ryzen 7 1700 does not have a gpu.
I dont have any experience with passing thtough gpus. But could i make 2 vms that acces the same gpu, ofc not at the same time. So that i could have a gaming vm and maybe use another linux vm if i wanted to do something which profits off gpu acceleration.

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    Why don't you just dual boot and use linux for everything except games? This works perfectly for me
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    @Jifuna thats what i do rn. But i often need to do some quick things on my servers. But rebooting to linux to do some 2 mins of work to then boot back to windows and resume to gaming rraly sucks. I then tend to create a seperate dev env on windows or whatever over time.
    which beings other problems.
    Would be so much easier to just tab out or go over to the 2nd screen to do that work
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    @Kubernatural I sort of understand but I think it's always good to separate work and free time
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    @Jifuna while thats true. A common example is to manage my game server. Under windows i have not yet looked into how u might be using rsakeys to loginto the servers. Because of that, Password login is turned on. And there are other examples i could bring up, but i think you get the point. Im lazy and id like to be able to switch fast :)
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    @Kubernatural Fair enough, I have the same situation. Currently use putty and juicessh app on phone to manage while I play
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    @netikras i dont get what you are trying to say :)
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    @Kubernatural If you use Grub as your bootloader you can hibernate Linux and boot into Windows and vice-versa. This way you save some boot-up time AND you preserve all your workspaces.
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    @netikras intetesting. But anything that takes longer than an alt tab is gonna decrease the motivation to do it by like 90%.
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    I had perfect performance with overwatch on linux when installed through lutris (probably hardware dependent though)
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    @succcubbus minr was awfull. Could be that it has come a long way since then.
    But when you play Easy anticheat games u can forget lutris and steamplay. It wont work. So id rather have a kvm with windows that has full access to a gpu
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