GitHub now offers unlimited private repos for its free plan users...
Max contributors for those repos will be 3 which is expected.

Queue Microsoft Haters 😂


  • 1
    The only thing for free is cheese in mouse trap. I'm not falling for this and not giving my ideas away to m$ just bcz they are no longer charging for it.
  • 2
    Only several years late.
    Now do I stay with GitLab or migrate everything to github?

    Meh, GitLab still offer free Ci/CD
  • 0
    @C0D4 better late than never mate.
    I've been using VSO because it had private repos and free CI/CD too... Maybe this will come to GitHub too.
  • 1
    @MrCSharp here’s hoping.
    MS has the ability with Azure to do it.
    But till then, I’ll stay on this side of the fence.
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