Everyone is hyped on Flutter so I got a new idea.

I'm so distasted of Discord's official mobile clients, and this popped off my head:

Why not we implement it on Flutter?

After all, Flutter has these all nice things, and its certainly better than React Native.

I've laid out some of the things that needs to be done and one thing I've noted and remembered was:

- AFAIR According to b1nzy, former Discord employee, you're gonna need to know the WebRTC packets for Screenshare.

- VC is gonna be easy, and its probably the thing I can support without being too hacky.

hmu if you're up, I'm gonna call it Fluttercord, it won't be big or anything - just a experiment I want to show to Discord since they seem to struggle with the mobile clients

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    I think they don't struggle, but rather don't care. Not really their target I think. On mobile you have a lot of established communication applications, while on PC their competition is only Skype, TeamSpeak (dead I think) and in-game shitty VoIP.
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    You'd get banned for that though :/
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    Did he tell you about DAPI (unofficial discord API and shitposting server)?

    If not, there's channels for discussions and questions about the API as well as dedicated channels for libraries, such as the dart lib nyxx.

    I guess he already told you, but you might be able to use the bot library as starting point, since the API endpoints for bots and users are pretty similar.
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    You might want to have a look at ripcord
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