My biggest mistake in my life.

Boss: So when are you gonna finish this?

Me: I'll finish it today,

Me: Finishes task and submits pull request

- The Next Day-

Team Lead: Oh bro you gotta put this on a separate file, this change this too, and that, don't use that shit use this instead, oh and yeah, you can probally use this 'totally awesome typescript decorator' here for that.

Me: Refactors code intensely

Boss: You said this going to be finished yesterday


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    Biggest mistake was your boss asking you instead of your team lead. This is how micromanagement always ends.
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    Ah, the frails of being young and inexperienced with management
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    @jespersh yeah, i need to get used to these guys quickly :(
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    Standard answers: "give me 30min to figure out an estimate", "I think I'll have a working test available within short time. It will need to pass the first approval which could delay it as is standard"
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    @jespersh Thanks for the tips, these stuffs will really help.
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    You must have had a short lifespan.
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    @Hubot-0x58 as weird as it may sound, that might actually be true lol.
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    Next time say "it will be ready for review today"
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    Not your mistake
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    Just give him the working thing and say that you want to improve it further. You're such an ambitious worker!
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    "I was but my colleague recommended some refactorings that I'm doing right now"

    ...there you go, where's the problem?
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    Never respond in absolutes, leave that to the tech lead.

    When you estimate to management, you’re also estimating on behalf of the entire team, so you’ll have to factor in your time and any testing, refactoring time that may be needed.

    “This should be done in a day or two”
    This line will save you’re ass one day.
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    @C0D4 "This will take a day or two… months."
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    @Fabian 😏 I didn’t say what the two
    Was referencing
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