Today in programming class.
FizzBuzz on a sheet of paper. I mean, of course I aced the one thing I do in every language I learn. :)

Our teacher then proceeded to talk about the fact that some people, even having studied Computer Science, were unable to make a FizzBuzz program.

w h a t ?

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    @kolaente I really struggle to accept anyone as a valid dev if they can't do FizzBuzz. It's so simple...
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    And your link agrees. Fair enough.

    Note to self: Read link first
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    Unfortunatley I have seen to many examples of that when we have been doing interviews.

    Some just know the syntax and simplest structures like if and for but have no experience putting those together to solve a real problem.

    FizzBuzz is super simple but its just enough to trip those that just tries to implement from the top down not understanding the problem they are asked to solve.

    And its actually that which is the problem, they do not understand the problem, they just read it literally.

    An example I used earlier its like they studied the dictionary but foes not know what a sentence is. Only the individual words.
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    So like literally this? https://play.golang.org/p/...
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    @Ximidar No. You aren't supposed to output the number when Fizz, Buzz or FizzBuzz happens.
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    @filthyranter Eh ohwell, The instructions I read said nothing about printing out the numbers or not. Just to print out fizz or buzz based on the number itself. I guess you could also subtract points for counting from 0 - 99 instead of 1 - 100.
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    @filthyranter I also won't accept anyone as a developer if he can't FizzBuzz. There is another side, though.
    I have a classmate who went to a coding competition. I thought of it as simple algorithms, but they turned out to be quite hard, when I tried them. The thing is he can't do any software architecture, so when a teacher asked him to do a site with a nice backend, he had to decline the offer.

    If you can't build anything useful, why bother learning algorithms. They are the backbone of everything, but in reality you sell a product, not an algorithm. People will sometimes be more amazed by simple useful apps/sites/products, than complicated and very powerful, but not quite useful apps/sites/products.
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    @Mitiko Coding competitions are something else, the algorithms you need there are usually less simple than some fucking FizzBuzz ;)
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    I only ever heard of it, never had to write it and honestly have no idea what it is.
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    Print each number from 1 to 100. If the number is dividable by 3, output Fizz instead of the number. If it's dividable by 5, outpt Buzz instead. If it's both, FizzBuzz.

    That's the whole thing.
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