Junior dev really struggling

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    Quite normal to feel a bit out of place / struggling in a junior position for a while - keep at it and I'm sure the confidence will come as your knowledge grows.

    Anything in particular that we might be able to help with?
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    Struggles are forever.
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    The reward is worth it, also every devs even senior gotta struggle when learning new stuff
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    If you’re not struggling, you’re not learning. It’s a good thing.
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    Hell yeah, keep up the good work! Struggling is the most important step in your career :)
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    If you're not constantly stressed you're doing it wrong
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    Courage is what turns fear into experience... Don't give up :)

    When I started out as a junior Rails dev, I struggled as well, asked lots of dumb questions and all... Even though I've been coding for almost a decade before, doing it professionally is in another league altogether.
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