1. get a job interview in google
2. design a kitchen
3. ???????
4. the kitchen is for a giraffe
6. new kitchen
7. a baby giraffe
9. we will call you
10. __time passes__
11. no call

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    the kitchen is for a giraffe?
    are you doing drugs? 😉
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    @heyheni is google a goo glee?
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    This reminds me of just the other day. I was using Google Translate just to type out some Japanese words in hiragana, and as I typed it tried to translate the text to English... emphasis on "tried", because it turned out sounding more like some abstract haiku.
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    giraffe? O_o
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    What the hell did you do to that giraffe? All of a sudden theirs a baby one
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    @C0D4 what happenes in the kitchen stays in the kitchen
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    @TCPizza this deeply explains the new kitchen
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    @C0D4 indeed it does
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    Oh jeez. Manhole cover is still a thing in 2019! 🤦‍♂️
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    a kitchen for a giraffe... well i need a place that is high like a skyscraper and large as a football field.

    As for the giraffe what about it? :D
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    You *have* to read between the lines with these sorts of questions. They weren't looking for you to design a kitchen at all. They were looking to see how you approached the problem.

    If I'm ever asked any ridiculous question in an interview like this, the first thing I do is always, always clarify requirements. So I would have come back with a whole barrage of questions like:

    - Who is this kitchen for?
    - What will they use the kitchen for? What facilities do we need?
    - Who will build it? What skills to they have?
    - How much time have we got to build the kitchen?
    - What size should the kitchen be?

    Then, when I'd ascertained that the kitchen would be used by upside down baby giraffes on drugs, had to contain 10 microwaves, we had a day to build it and it needed to fit within 2 square feet, I'd say:

    "I don't think I can design a kitchen with those specifications. I don't have enough expertees on drugged giraffe's. I'd need to do a lot of research first, then get back to you."
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    I actually got an interview invitation of googles EU datacenter part, rejected it though.

    Hope you'll get it!
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    13. And use Test Driven Development
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  • 2
    @xalys have you head of the Mario shroom?
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    Is it just me or has Google been heavily recruiting lately? Received an invitation for it a while back, haven't done anything with it though.
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