Hey guys and galls,
Lately I've been thinking about making a game or anything no language preference :p
If someone could give me some resources to look at I'd be more than thankful :^)
Aiming for a starter game like 2D platform jumper or metroid like.

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    The most basic answer I guess now a day's but I would go with unity for a higher level tool which gives you enough power if yo need to also good for mobile. If you prefer a more "lower level" way go with libgdx or OpenGL using java
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    Which would you use yourself if you wanted to make a 2D platform jumper as I'm going to try this out if I like it I might go in depth and advance to some more challenging things.
    Haven't really looked into OpenGL yet thanks for the idea though definitely going to take a look at it :)
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    @maykdev I would go with unity because of the way better tools and they're collison handling. I worked with both and I would choose unity almost every time
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    Which aspect of game development is what you want to focus on?

    Gameplay? Use unity
    Game engines development? Use any lowlevel language and a graphics library for that language.
    Graphics programming? Use any lowlevel language and do things using Vulkan or something.

    Basically: It all depends on whatever your goal is.
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    @Codex404 honestly I just want to make a game to kill time and polish up code and learn more about games :p
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    @maykdev then
    unity: C#
    Löve: Lua
    Pygame: python (no experience with it)
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    @maykdev You could see if your local community college offers any game programming courses. Mine did. I learned unity and unreal over two different semesters. I likes unity better, just because it was easier to program in. I didn't make anything too complex, but I did enjoy screwing around in them tweaking little settings until I achieved what I wanted.
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    @maykdev if you like c++, have a look at SFML
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    I would personally go with Unreal Engine cause they have a really impressive blueprint system and also cause their youtube and twitch channels are filled with so many learning ressources.
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    @maykdev if you want a completely free and royalty free engine to play around around with “lumberyard” might be of interest.
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    @zymk ive tried using it three times in the last year. Downloading takes ages, all dependencies are downloaded seperately and thenit cannot create a project...

    It looks really nice, but if it takes 4 hours to download and then fails to even make a project file then I dont know if its such a great engine
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    @Codex404 Holy crap, didn’t realize it was such a pain to get and then doesn’t even work right after such a ridiculous download. Yeah nvm that haha
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    @zymk it might be me though, but it really looks promising.
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