The job of a developer is the most challenging work in this generation ..

True or false?

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    This is some rick and morty level cringe. There are people literally designing rockets that can land themselves and developing vaccines through insane protein analysis.

    Dealing with a stupid scrum meeting does not even come close
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    We gotta keep up with stupidass questions like this so imma hit that yes
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    That's ridiculous. Come on, what do we actually do? Sitting there, drinking coffee, hacking some shit together.

    Wanna have a tough tech job? Try putting shit into service. No, not some fucked up laptop with Arch, I mean industrial. Like two years somewhere in Africa, in the middle of nowhere on an industrial construction place. The hotel swarming with rats, interesting animals in your bedroom (most of them venomous). Corruption and theft are normal, armed robbery is more serious.

    Forget about family or so, two years of that job mean a ruined relationship. Don't even think about hooking up with local girls who are infected with diseases that you havn't even heard of.

    Your task is to get some industrial stuff going with clueless and demotivated local workers. If you fail, it's your fault, and if you succeed, your boss will be the king.
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    Brain surgery seems a lot more stressful, any kind of surgery really considering you're in charge of saving the life or making sure they stay alive in general.

    We kinda just type stuff that does more stuff and occasionally get mad at it.
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