So my (windows 10) laptop decided to suddenly forget about its Bluetooth capability. And about its Bluetooth hardware.

Now, I did not restart my system, I just left it idle for a while. Heck, I played rainbow six before leaving it idle (with a Bluetooth mouse, of course)

Tried checking for the settings (didn't find any settings related to Bluetooth service), didn't find it in device manager, useful the troubleshooter (bastard says the problem is I have no Bluetooth hardware installed), tried restarting the system, checked in bios menu (couldn't see hardware info printed in bios system info), tried updating/reinstalling the driver.

The hell am I supposed to do?

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    I'd start with not using a Bluetooth mouse for gaming.

    Check if the module is properly seated.
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    stick the bluetooth stick back in? :)
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    @ynnk most laptops have Bluetooth built-in
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    Some laptops have action keys on the fn buttons, maybe you pressed one to disable Bluetooth. I had a laptop with a wireless switch button that would totally disconnect the wifi card from the pc if pressed, no way to enable that via software.
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    Just refresh until it doesn't refresh anymore, just like 80% people
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    restart your system
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    @ynnk not a stick, inbuilt.

    @xaero don't have a stick, already reset and reinstalled driver

    @exelix I don't have such a button (but that's a stupid idea. I have seen switches that push the system to airplane mode though)

    @sillyconn @mjones44 done.

    I also checked for recent windows updates that might have screwed it up, but the only thing I found was that an update was getting downloaded. If "getting ready to update" screwed my system, imma be mad.
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    Get the Bluetooth chip replaced. Usually a hardware component won't show up it's spoiled
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    "Couldn't see the hardware info printed in BIOS" …. proceeds to blame Windows and updates... 👌
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    @MrCSharp windows 10 update solved it 😂

    By the way, bios still isn't printing that info
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