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    Is any of those 40 replies answering that question? I bet not
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    @asgs no clue bro let me check
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    @SukMikeHok that was a rhetorical question
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    "Money is the root of all evil."
    "Money doesn't buy happiness."
    "Rich people are secretly miserable."
    "Money only brings misery."
    "Rich people buy a new fork every time they take a bite." (And all the variants.)
    "Rich people didn't earn their money."

    These are all lies poor people tell themselves to make them feel better about being poor.
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    @Root "money isn't everything.." lol
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    @Root the same people that say that stuff also blame everyone else for their working minimum wage for 20 years and never going anywhere. Sheeeeeeit!
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    Money can't buy happiness, but it can buy alcohol and chocolate, which provide a close approximation.
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    @d4ng3r0u5 u are similar to @real-jase and me so i like u give me ur discord
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    Can money buy happiness?

    If you look at a poor farmer in the middle of nowhere in brazil (for example) they might be happier than I am even though I am more rich.
    So no the amount of money you have is not related to your happiness level.

    But money can take care of most issues so you are free to do what you want (getting a badly paid job for example if its a dreamjob). Basically it can get rid of most worries one has.
    So it can help to feel a bit happier.
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    "Money doesn't grow from trees"
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    Money does bring hapiness! Why? Because 1) it eliminates any financial worries of any kind 2) it opens doors that would otherwise stay closed and 3) it enables you to do things that make you happy.

    Don't misunderstand: if you have a box in your attic containing 10 million and you just leave it there, that will not make you happy. You need to do something with it. If you get that brand new high end PC and you just leave it there to look at, it won't make you happy. However, when you turn it on and start your IDE and start coding it will go darn smooth rhat it will make you happy.

    Many people say money doesn't buy hapiness but keep in mind that those that say it in general do not have money! Or at least not a lot of money. How can you say it doesn't make you happy if you don't actually know because you don't have it?

    Yes you can be happy without money. In fact, the things that bring you the most joy are for free! But money helps a lot to become even happier.
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    @CodeMasterAlex the most people I hear it saying is those who won 2 million euros.
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    @CodeMasterAlex "the things that bring you the most joy are for free!" - spoken like a Philosopher
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    @asgs So not true.
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    @Root debatable
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    Tasty cuisine.
    Providing for your family.
    Building things for your community.

    None of these are free.
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    @Root Traveling can be done for free. I know someone who has traveled a month without money. He went from the netherlands to spain for free, stayed there for free and went back for free.

    Ofcourse you still need other peoples money or otherways to trade things. But if you count that as having money than everything has a cost. Like the public library is free to enter but is it actually free?
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    @Root Love, Air, Advice, Jokes, Parents, Music on FM Radio, YouTube (most of it), FOSS, Wikipedia, blogs, most of the tutorials.

    Some of these are concocted just for the argument's sake. But there are definitely lots of things that bring you joy for free. Again, it's debatable as to what brings joy or not
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    @asgs for most of those you need a computer and isp. True, libraries' computers are free, but the price there is your time. And honestly it's hard to enjoy anything on a library computer.

    Love isn't free. Love is a mutual trade. (And if it isn't mutual... have you ever tried putting up with someone you don't like that's constantly hitting on you? Or an ex who just won't leave you alone? Insanely expensive in patience.)

    Air and advice are probably the only free things on that list. And free advice is usually unsolicited and often quite bad. (Fruit check!)

    Air is definitely free, though.
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    @Root oh, you definitely need something to enjoy some other thing. To enjoy air, you need a working body (i.e. one that's not running on a ventilator) first off. By that logic, having a working body doesn't happen for free. Investment in health is not free. (On a side note, Water used to be free, but us humans have a bad nature of commercializing everything)

    Therefore, let's consider one thing at a time, when evaluating what comes for free or not.

    Also, forget human love, it is not worth discussing about. Think about things like Nature, Dogs, Cats, Birds, Computer programming, Painting, etc., where it can be one-sided and still not hurt.

    God, I missed Sleep! Most recreational activity ever
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    @asgs There is no such thing as a free lunch. 😋

    If you aren't paying for it (in money, time, effort), someone else is.
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    There was a comedian that said something like "money doesn't buy happiness, but i can use it to make others unhappy.. so it's a win in my book."
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    Money brings a sense of security. Imagine going to an unfamiliar location with and without money. Having money gives you one less thing to worry about.
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    @sudocode having money increases the chance of being robbed. And its visible for thieves to see who has money and who hasnt and also who is unfamiliar in the area.
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    @Codex404 Ah yes, That is true as well. But you can always buy a bullet proof car with a bunch of bodyguards. Or maybe travel by a chopper. Or never leave home and live your life on an infinite supply of beer and pizza. Endless possibilities.
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