I had a friend whom I met in an open-source community. We hadn't been in touch for a while because of the distances of where we were. Coincidentally, we happened to be working in the same city. When we knew that we were in the same city, we decided to meet and catch up. We met over dinner and this person went on and on about his company and how cool the culture was there.

Towards the end, I jokingly said, "If your company is so cool, why don't you get me a job there?"

2 weeks later, he sends me an email address and asks me to send my resume to it.
1 more week later, HR from the company calls and asks whether I can come to office to chat.
I agree and head over there over lunch break. I _speak_ to the person who was going to be my manager and later to the CTO. The CTO asks me a few technological questions and sends me off.
1 week later, I call up HR just to know how I fared in the interview. They say that they'll give me an update within the week.
Next week I get a call from HR asking when I can join. Could I join with 2 weeks of notice period? I could try, the pay was almost double that I was already earning.
I speak to my existing boss about the offer and they offer me an immediate hike of 30%. That gives me a notion that I was already under-paid. I wouldn't want to continue working with an employer who knowingly paid me low (even though I was content with what I was getting already). I make my decision to quit. Puts in my 2-week notice period and join the new company on the said date.

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    Based off your previous rants, the company you quit wins in this case.

    Nonetheless, congratulations on this new adventure. Try to keep human decency in mind and not be a dick? 🤷🏻‍♂️
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    LOLWUT? You can get +90% or so, and your manager tries to keep you by offering you +30%? Does this make any sense?!
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    @Stuxnet well yeah, the asshole moves like with the unlocked machines have nothing to do with teaching security and are already illegal themselves. Reason enough to fire such a dick.
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    @Fast-Nop @Stuxnet Just to clarify, the job I quit was not where I played all those #wk37 stuff, it was a different one. And I stayed in that company the longest, even if that would surprise you.
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    @shine if one is proud of those actions I don't see why it would be different when it's not the same company.
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    @Codex404 I might not be all proud and boasting about those stuff (even though you think I am). My intention was to get a point across to those people - to never leave their machines unattended or unsecured at any time. I think I was successful in conveying that message to those people.

    I don't know what made people here think that I was proud of it or bragging about it (this place is about ranting, right? not bragging). Maybe that I revealed that I did something like that? Does that automatically mean I'm proud of it? If you think so, let me clarify again, that was NOT my intention.
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    @shine there was literally no sign of regret in any way. You even wondered if you could have done more damage if you did it differently...
    It gave me (and probably us) the impression that you are not doing those things to teach them a lesson, but to actually do damage...

    If you really wanted to teach people instead there are better ways which are way more succesful in actually teaching them...
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    @Codex404 I don't argue that there are better ways. There must be many.

    And no, I didn't feel guilty or regret for doing those. Neither did I feel any pride in what I did either (other than the satisfaction that I was successful in making my point). It wasn't like I got those people fired or killed. There have been other times when I have been caught red-handed in the act or others that went sideways and back-fired too.

    I narrated the stories as they happened. Of course, I even admitted (in a comment) that one of those crossed the line.

    In another one, I explained that I sat the person down and explained what, how and why that had happened, the implications of their actions and how it wasn't so inconspicuous even if they thought it was.

    I'm not trying to be a righteous saint here, but I don't consider myself a criminal for trying to put a point across in the means that I thought would stick in their memories.
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    @Codex404 I got 0 sense of regret as well. It also definitely came across as bragging in my eyes.

    One of the IT department dudes accidentally forgot to log out of a computer in a lab inside the computer science building. Naturally, we've got an urge to fuck with them since they did that.

    This particular student created a document that said "My name is X Y and I don't know how to log out."

    Then he covered the entire desktop with this document.

    That's harmless and he'll remember to log out for a while.
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    @Stuxnet fakeupdate.net or mirroring mouse movements is great as well, but I only do those while I know there isnt a deadline and Im in the office to help if its really needed.
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    @shine did you know that in most countries what you did is illegal by law and against the terms of most platforms?
    You impersonated someone and could have actually harmed them socially.

    In the netherlands it even is illegal to sign in to a personal account of let's say your brother or mother after they have passed away, even if they give permission in their will.
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    Take the new job. You know they were underpaying you at your present job. What else have they been doing to undervalue you?

    P.S. I made my comment with no awareness of the OP's past actions. I still stand by my statement.
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    You made the right choice! Goodluck.
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    Awesome story! Good luck with your job :-)
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