How can Oracle still stay they are the #1 development platform

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    This installer was writed much time ago with no comment and now nobody can modify this text :)
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    They reached that number so they'll keep parading it until the day Java goes license/subscription only.
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    Oracle is a facet of the devil.
    Change my mind.
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    Because they are. I have yet to find a place in which the JVM does not say hi in one way or another on an enterprise level application/system.

    As evil as Oracle is, them dudes are everywhere. And Java as well as JS and PHP pay the bills, so I don't care if their devs write the JVM using kitty blood as their fuel.

    I love my money.
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    I actually think the number of devices with Java is 10 billion
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    @jespersh but we cant forget that many of these devices are destroyed after 3-6 years.
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    Java is #1 development platform, not Oracle.
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    Android --> java
    Sim cards --> java
    Atm --> java
    Small old windows programs --> java
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    @stop I think we'd having 30billion devices if we counted trashed devices
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    Theoretical c++ installer: Used on everything!
    Python installer: if it runs Linux, it uses python
    Dartlang installer: wot?
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    Maybe they are though, considering the amout of Android devices, CD Players, IoT devices, maybe even business machines running java.
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    @Root okay...

    3 Bullion devices run Oracle Java

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    Whenever you install Java in gets deleted from another machine, otherwise I can't explain how it has been exactly 3 billion for the past 23 years
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