Because they can't show someone sitting idle in front of computer for hours wondering where the f he missed a freaking semicolon

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    I mean
    the types fast in emergencies is me
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    Doesn't even write tests. What a piece of trash
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    I have definitely seen more women portrayed coding in films and television
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    Yeah. But mostly because that doesn't happen if you're not super stupid, a total beginner and writing code in MS notepad.
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    Hey, that's me!
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    @MoonOwl indeed and I think its 50/50 for black and white males.
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    And creates world saving software in up to couple of hrs. Usually couple of minutes of hard work.
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    Can hack all the systems using a C program to generate random numbers

    Programmer == Hacker (da fuq why?)
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    If you spend hours finding a missing semicolon, I have bad news for you...
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