Big-time Microsoft fan who claims they've been using licensed versions of Windows since Windows 3.0. Still has all old versions of Windows on different machines / hard-disks. They use only Microsoft Surface devices. They still use Nokia Lumia (with Windows Phone 10). They were working with an organization that used Office365 for enterprise email and collaboration. They used Microsoft Teams for team collaboration when the rest of the organization was comfortable with Atlassian tools like jira, confluence and bitbucket.

One fine day, news spreads that the organization is moving into GSuite for enterprise email and collaboration. They are devastated. They quit citing personal and family reasons, but we knew the real reason.

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    Just came here to point out how solid windows 10 mobile actually was... Felt buttery smooth on devices that android would stutter on...
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    Shit dude, it is like you are describing me here hahahha

    I too would quite if my company switches to Google products.
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    @lxmcf I got my first smart phone which was the Lumia 520... A 512 MB ram device and the OS was sooo fucking smooth that I fell in love the moment I turned it on.

    The UI and the features built into the OS were brilliant.

    I had to switch to android recently and I miss the live tiles so badly.
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    @MrCSharp as much as I would rather cut off my testicles and replace my eyes with them than support Microsoft, this is something I can't deny...

    Bought a Lumia 640 for development and ended up using it for a week, was great
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    @lxmcf dude... That's very specific
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    @lxmcf @MrCSharp I understand and I agree with your sentiments regarding the optimization with Windows 10 Mobile. If you're after that kind of smoothness, you should probably switch to iOS.

    Unless... you're Microsoft fans and would only use products by Microsoft. Then you have my utmost sympathy.

    PS : I used to be a Microsoft fan back in the days. Then I got introduced to GNU/Linux and open-source and I've never had to look back. I turned a Microsoft-hater because there was no product that they had that didn't have another alternative in the open-source world.

    I'm a google-hater as well (for the tracking, obviously), but then there are some products that don't really have _good_ alternatives in the world. So, sometimes, they get an exception from me. Same with GSuite.
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    And WTH is up with that thing (I don't even want to call it a product) called Outlook Web? It behaves differently every time. And if you're the kind that asks me to get the Outlook / Mail desktop app, no thanks. I don't use Microsoft Windows in the first place. GNU/Linux FTW \m/
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    @lxmcf Windows 10 Mobile was a clear downgrade from Windows Phone 8.1. It's slower, the UI got worse and nothing really improved.

    But I'll never forget the moment I had to reboot the fucking phone to install a new keyboard layout. Proof that it indeed was a real Windows ;)
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    Chenged several companies, some use ms suite and some g suite.. G suite sucks

    Nothing against slack, but if you're using ms suite i love integration

    Same for tfs against bitbucket, jira ecc..
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    @irene A joke isn't a joke if the person has to explain it.

    The same philosophy applies here even if it wasn't a joke. Maybe you should read the whole post again and see if you get it?
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    @irene Oh damn no, I'm not falling for that shit!
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    At least we can all agree in the fact that SharePoint sucks balls.
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    @irene Brand loyalty to MS. MS and Google have created kind of factions.
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    @irene Are you serious? You actually didn't get it? I thought you were pranking me over :expressionless.

    It was _sarcasm_ to imply that they quit because the organization decided to switch away from Office365 to GSuite (being the Microsoft fans that they were).

    PS : I wasn't trying to be rude earlier, I genuinely thought you understood and were trying to prank me over.
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    @irene I'm sorry about that. I'm sorry if I came out rude earlier too.

    I hope you got the sarcasm now.
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    @hash-table wait, what? not even after I explicitly explained it?
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