What are you currently working on? You can be as vague as possible and let others try to figure it out.

I’m currently working on something to make pelican based blogs look a bit decent.

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    @jespersh That’s pretty vague. Here’s a +1.
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    My confidence :(
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    I'm working on something which alerts me in several ways when shit I run goes to shit/down :)
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    I'm working on getting a good night's sleep.
    Other than that: A SPA website with a RESTful API for an international company in 3 languages. It's almost doneski.
    Hopefully my boss has a new exciting project for me in his sleeves...
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    Android app + backend that allows "users" (me and a couple of friends, won't publish it on gplay) to download audio and videos from YouTube and optionally edit their meta-data
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