What's wrong with this list

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    Blockchain? 😂 It's a god damn buzzword list :p
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    HTML? Seriously? What else? Knowing how to turn on a computer 😂
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    Come on, more than pairs of two mostly identical things aren't necessary. I mean, there's Java and JavaScript, Git and Blockchain, and C# would make a triple out of C/C++.
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    @Floydian damnit, you beat me to it
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    If it listed "html + CSS" then it would be correct.
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    It starts from 1
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    @ewpratten CSS? Who makes websites with CSS nowadays? I thought everyone was making plain HTML websites nowadays
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    CSS? C-S-S? How? 🤔
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    Nothing, they are web dev keywords.
    Trending technologies.

    But it can be condensed to something like
    Web front end
    Web back end
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    Nothing really, blockchain might be a buzzword but that doesn't mean that it's suddenly not a useful piece of technology in certain cases.
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    @linuxxx for instance git is not a software development tech nor is block chain, also the order I feel is very off.
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    @iamroot Well no but it's a skill which I'm still struggling with.
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    @Codex404 for 1 project... it has proven useful to be able to inject basic HTML into text labels.

    Think flash drag/drop editors with no built in styling ability’s .😣
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    @C0D4 now I think about it, making a calculator with purely css and html was a lot of fun.
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