The more clickbaity and hipster the better it seems.

*The NoSQL Database Every Software Developer Uses.*


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    Almost everyone *literally* clapped that guy

    Edit: @JoshBent
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    @devTea wish it was literal, after a clap or two he for sure would think next time
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    Just get drunk and search software words until you put together an article. It’s fine.
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    Sign me up for chemotherapy
    Wtf did I just read
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    "un-typed things called files"

    *immediately defines the type of a file as string*
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    It's almost as if all files are just agreed upon lengths of ones and zeros or something.
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    NoSQL == Relational DB?
    I stopped reading after that.

    Edit: ok I attempted to keep reading, this guy seems to have brain farted “strings” into this post.
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    He is just saying that plain text files = NoSQL

    Software uses plain text files for storing code.

    Software code = important

    We store important stuff in NoSQL.

    But we are afraid to use NoSQL as our database = makes no sense.

    Conclusion: start using NoSQL for your important data!

    Of course, that is like comparing apples and fucking cars, but I guess someone paid for that NoSQL evangelism.

    Btw. PostgreSQL has some NoSQL support (JSON and XML data type) and MongoDB a few months ago got ACID support.
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    This is stupid on so many levels that it's hard to even point out the most important one. The only thing that's "messy and unstructured" is the mind of the article's author.
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    Bloody idiot.
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    Looked at his twitter and cringed some more.
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    But files do have types...
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    @tmpnull binary and?...
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    @Yvan I'm thinking of formats.
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    Kept reading to see that git is just another database to him.
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    @devrocket yeah, but a lousy one because Git lacks most of the cool features of a real database like MS Excel. ^^
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    Oh so AI started writing at medium too?

    I guess it will improve overtime /s
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    Medium is trashy. Every monkey could just make an account on this plattform, write nonsense bullshit code to flash non-tech readers and pretend to be a coder. Everytime I search for a problem I would avoid medium's solution with any cost.
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    @devrocket For fun I once used git hash storage as a redis replacement.

    Well, I say fun, but I mean masochism.
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