A friend found this Microsoft link a few weeks ago. The background image is missing because it's been removed from imgur and it's still broken to date 🤔


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    Wow, it already looks horrible with my black theme Chrome extension, but without, the text isn't even visible!
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    Am I the only one confused as to why they would host the image on imgur and not just chuck it on there own server?
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    @lxmcf junior hip developer "forgot to replace test image"
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    Open it on mobile.... What the fuck is this garbage.
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    That's how it looks on the phone
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    i guess mr nadella is already torpedoing another internal team
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    @fckIE That's not just the image, it's just generally messed up. Interestingly, when I tried opening it in developer mode in Chrome (model "Nexus 7"), I just got a smaller version of the desktop page.
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    Mr. CSS turns himself into his grave.
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    Still ugly, but at least the image is gone.
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