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follow up rant on my apprenticeship situation. I talked to Jo (my trainer). I told him I need more supervision and either someone who teaches me the stuff I need to know to meet the requirements from Hugo (my department mananger) or some further education. Because otherwise I'm not able to write producion ready code. (Keep in mind: I'm a fucking trainee who started their apprenticeship 6 months ago!)
Jo is more than happy to help me and make sure I'll get everything i need. Sadly he has to speak with Hugo and get his ok.
Hugo thinks 2 das of school/week is enough training. (Regardless of the fact that we don't even learn the same languages there we use in our projects.) I told him that way I won't be able to finish my projects.
I hope he reconsiders. How should I learn if nobody's there to teach me? (My collegues are to occupied fixing bugs and implementing new features/ don't know the languages either.)

If Hugo keeps this mindset I have to contact the IHK (a german institution which keeps an eye on apprenticeships).

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    Give the IHK a call, at least to just let them know about this. If this keeps being an issue call them again and ask them for help. They deal with stuff like this all the time and know if your company treated other apprentices like cheap workers before.
    This is also the reason why we have a Ausbildungsrahmenplan. Maybe try to talk to the Betriebsrat or JAV if it gets really bad

    I just finished my apprenticeship and have to supervise 4 new apprentice and I'm expected to work even harder since I'm now paid more. (rants incoming?)
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    @ThermalCube thanks for your help. Never saw a Ausbildungsrahmenplan. Afaik we don't have a betriebsrat/JAV because the people who tried to establish one are not working here anymore.
    We are the first traniees ever in this department.
    But I'll keep the IHK in mind.
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    The IHK can send you the Ausbildungsrahmenplan 😉
    Or just Google / DDG around and you can find it online
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    Holy hell that's awful... I never understood why some firms hire apprentices and then expect them to work absolute wonders without any form of proper guidance. I had my former job give me a boss, who decided he would do the bare minimum and instead tell me to read over the documentation in my free time.. I mean; probably learned more that way than actually trying to talk to the guy, but it's just... Why then hire me and expect me to push out quality and ready to go produce?

    Either way; make sure that whatever you do, you cover yourself as much as possible, don't go with the whole "it might turn out well and good" never take that chance, always remember to play it safe in instances like this, been burned plenty myself in other jobs.

    I wish you the best and don't forget you're awesome for bringing this up, it shows you care and actually want to improve yourself. In my book that's freakin' 'boss!'.
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