Do you think the "Fix one bug, two more shall take it's place" is a real thing? Have you ever experienced it?

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    Yes,sure it is. Have experienced this many times.
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    From what I've seen, it's mostly reported but unfixed ones.. I wonder why 🤔
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    If a bug is rooted deep in the architecture, any workaround that doesn't fix the bigger problem will cause another bug.
    If you don't understand why a bug happens, but stumble across a simple hack that removes it, you can expect problems.
    But if the issue is small and well understood, there should not be additional bugs after fix the issue.
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    It depends on code architecture. If ur code have larger functions and confusing hierarchical structure where you have chain of dependant functions then it is more likely that small change will mess up everything.

    So just try to create small and independent services and functions to avoid this kind of situation otherwise you will have to spend tons of time in refactoring which is what currently I am doing 😅
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    fix those two, and voila, you just broke the whole build 😂😂
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