This should be illegal.

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    I know is hard to see, also because of the image compression, but they fucking made the "unsubscribe" link in the email #F4F4F4 on a #FFFFFF background...
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    Thats horrible
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    I think I might be actually
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    Ok, I have to apologize Tomorrowland… it was fault of the Microsoft Outlook app… actually the background of the email was dark, so it was perfectly visibile, the app just didn't load it for some reason.
    I had to open it with the web version to see it.
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    @JS96 this is why we don’t use Outlook, friend.
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    I can very much say, that TML is totally up to date with GDPR :)))) (Though this is unfortunate)
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    Opera Mail anyone?
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    It's not following the logo guidelines.. I'm quite sure they're breaking terms of agreement with a couple of companies.
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    @Sully That surely cant be the ONLY reason...
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    @JS96 it's still their fault for not making sure their email displays properly everywhere (maybe)
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