I designed a (rough) wireframe in Balsamiq and showed it my manager for early feedback.
He was like - I really like it, but can we have some colours in it? It's more of a monochrome right now. Just black & white. FML

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    "Also, can we replace those X's? They look like something is missing. Doesn't look good for the user."
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    Don't forget to make it responsive ...
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    "Why there is so much text in foreign language? What does it even mean?"
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    @blem14 "I took latin classes, I know exactly what it means, you asshole"
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    Comic cramps
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    If people would just understand how powerful prototyping is... Architects don´t build the house first to hear to build another floor in between do they?
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    And a little bit animation like fading and hover effects
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    "Ugh why is the page written in comic sans"

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    I tried clicking your design, but all of the buttons are broken, they don't do anything. I can understand why your boss is disappointed.
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    Hey, OP, sorry about your troubles and to hijack your rant, but has anybody ever tried LUMZY? And do you know if it will be down forever?
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    @Alice @gitpush @blem14 @bittersweet
    This is the content I browse devRant to see 😅
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    That font looks kinda like comic sans...

    Is it?
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    @WIPocket it's comfortaa, one of devrant fonts
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    Yes be very clear you will make it big!
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