Hi all,
Made my first game. Can you give me some feedback?
It is very simple.

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    It's not bad for the start. Why Mono Game?
    - Clouds have this strange border around them.
    - Going back from the game and trying to go back to it doesn't work. It immediately closes again until I completely kill the process.
    - Music is oh so annoying and loud. Good thinking with mute button.
    - Obviously it's not a game anyone would spend more than 15 minutes playing just for fun. But it looks like something that would teach basics. Especially pooling.
    - Have you noticed that duck is constantly moving? It looks weird.
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    The bread I think the first frame is also not properly cut. It has the same contour as cloud 😊 but overall it's nice, good job.
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    Guys I got 36 second try... Without touching the screen lol
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    There's a fantastic discord devoted to game development with a few thousand members, if you'd like to check it out
    It's called Game Dev League
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    Your device isn't compatible.
    Now will you please tell me why this is not available for kitkat?
    And why devs choose to not include lower version of android.
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    @2erXre5 It is an internal joke with my friends as we were discussing a sign in a park that said that you shouldn't feed the ducks bread as it is bad for them.
    The apk for an empty android monogame project is already 8-9MB, but I will look into how to reduce it
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    @Agred Wow. Thanks for all the feedback.
    Why monogame: Well, I got certified as a .NET developer and decided to try and make a game in my free time. Did it with apps before and it was fun. I am learning monogame now and I plan on learning some unity later.
    Cloud border: Check. Added to the todo list to fix.
    What do you mean with going back doesn't work? Like after minimizing the app? Couldn't reproduce it here, but would love to look into it.
    Haha! The annoying music was on purpose. While developing it a friend tried it and said it annoyed him, that I should add annoying music. Too much?
    Yes, it is great for learning. That is why I love having small personal projects like this.
    The duck moving when it is at rest below? I hadn't noticed, but will look into it.
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    @dotFuck It was my attempt at making a movement effect. Goes to show graphics isn't my thing lol. Was supposed to look like wind hitting it. I will look into improving it
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    @taigrr A friend got to 125. My Record is 88
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    @Orni Thank you. Will join it now
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    You may look into spring sheets. Human eye think about "smooth animation" from I think 10 frames per second, anything below is moving pictures. Add more frames and make them faster 🙂
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    @DrDonkey Sorry about that. I haven't changed the default. I will look into reducing min android version for next update. Thanks for letting me know.
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    @dotFuck this is very useful information. Thank you for sharing. Will bear in mind. I will test speeding up the animation
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    @drdre Recording from my device. SGS8.
    I'm exiting the game by clicking back button. After returning it immediately quits again. Also you can see duck vibrating 😀
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    @Agred Super helpful. This is amazing. I can use it to look into it. I have an S7 and didn't experience those 2 issues. Now I can look into it after seeing the problem. 1000x thank you.
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    very hard
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