Just found out my phone (stock, no root) has user-settable minimum DPI? The battery saver thing drops the DPI some and auto-adjusts the DPI and resolution to save power, but I didn't know I could set it... (Minimum 320 DPI, max 960 DPI)

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    Minimum: 320 DPI.
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    Maximum: 960 DPI. (Sadly, this method doesn't scale GUI things too, so it's unusable!)
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    Holy fuck just found out. 😳 How badly does a higher dpi affect battery life? I like to keep it high.
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    Just set mine to 500 on the OnePlus 5.
    Still usable but I gained a shitton of screen estate ♥️
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    @N0-Flux-Given Not by much. Stupid high DPIs can double battery draw, but they're unusable, so...
    A bump up of 10% DPI (from normal) leads to around 1% drain increase, but 20% increases drain by 5%. It seems to be exponential.
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    @ThermalCube you're welcome, I guess...?
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