🤔🤔🤔. As much as i love jokes on javascript, i hate dumb jokes. Someone just called me a mansplainer (first time i heard that word though).

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    Complete picture of last example
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    Twitter in a nutshell. People complaining about other people complaining. Fuck that website.

    I completely agree with you too. Some jokes are neither fun nor smart. But you know, "gotta be nerd/geek/dev" nowadays *shrugs*
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    I'm stunned looking at the output of last three.

    Forget that comment she made, btw
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    Isabella is just a typical womansplainer, explaining that you are just a mansplainer
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    Did that bitch just assume your gender?
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    What does mansplainer mean?
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    @zombieleet could you maybe briefly explain those weird outputs?
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    @EaZyCode am only interested in the last one.

    If you do 1/1999999 the result you get back is a float represented in a scientific notation. So what parseInt is reading is 5.00000250000125e-7, so it returns the integer portion of that result. And the reason you get a scientific notation from 1/1999999 is because of the manner in which javascript handles floating point number which is base on the IEEE754 standard https://steve.hollasch.net/cgindex/...
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    @zombieleet ah thank you! Would have never thought about that
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    Twitter is a toxic wasteland
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    @Codex404 Usually, it's the communication pattern that a man explains something to a woman while wrongly assuming that she doesn't know shit. Especially nasty when she actually does and the communication should have been on equal footing.

    In that case, it's just a cunt claiming that having a vagina entitles to ignorance.
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    Thx devrant for the non toxic Platform :D
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    If I was in her position, you'd probably get the: no shit sherlock as a reply..
    Dumb or not, it's still a joke/text regarding js weirdnes (that hits you in a face if you don't know what you're doing).. aaaaand you ruined it for others.. //at least I see it this way

    Why the MANsplainer?! She has some background.. but using this instead of 'gender neutral' retaliation just makes me wanna punch her.. :( now it looks like girls need special treatment (to be as badass as guys).. :/
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