It's not a date but ok..
my classmate (that time) was not that good in programming in Java. So she asked me about some topics. After I explained them to her we had some talk, and we liked each other.

Well, today we're waiting for our daughter ..

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    congratulations 😎
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    How is that not a date?
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    @Codex404 well, it was not meant to be a date.. just simple explanations about programming and stuff
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    @lazyDev that was the case for either of you or did she ask you to help her because she fancied you already?
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    Oh, congratulations! Very well done you two!

    These are the stories we want to read about. There is hope out there! 😏
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    @Codex404 short answer: that was the case 😏
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    Where did she go? Have you called the police yet?
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    @rutee07 got me a second to catch you 😂
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    So here I thought a nice story would follow. Well, that escalated quickly.
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    @lazyDev so it was a date without you knowing it was
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    Congrats dude! My computer science classes had maybe two women ' ^^.
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    That's great, congratulations!

    A year ago, a friend of mine asked me to help a friend of hers getting her first job as a developer, so I did some talking in the company and got her a job there. We started spending time together and now she's here laying besides me, we live together and are planning a future for the both of us, we do have love in the developer's world.

    Side stories:
    - This friend of mine (the one that asked me the favor) we used to be very close friends for years, it turned she was a fake and spoke sh*t of me at my back, and my girlfriend and her were good friends as well (but she's the one that listened to that sh*t), now none of us talk to her anymore.

    - I also had a good friend in the company, it turned she had a crush on me and stopped talking to me after I got my now girlfriend a job there.

    I should write a book: "developer's love and betrayal stories"
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