So today was a normal day at the office. My brain stopped functioning after helplessly trying to debug ES6 code for IE 11. So I put my headphones on and went to the loo. (Mind you my headphones have a heavy bass, so they are quite larger than other traditional headphones.)

As I was coming back to my desk, my project manager laughed, pointing to my headphones, and said, "What are these?"

"Headphones!", I said, silently judging him.

He said, "Can't you even put those down for two minutes? You wear them even in the loo!"

Baffled by his utmost stupid sentence, I did the most obvious thing, ignore him.

After about 10 minutes, the manager came to my desk and said, "See, when you walk around with these headphones, people get 'distracted' and are unable to work. So I'd suggest you wear them while still on your seat and remove them when you have to leave the seat. Even the clients might think of you as a weird guy. Okay?"

And I couldn't do anything. I just sat there, nodded and went back to work.

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    I don't think people realise that sometimes you need the distraction.
    We keep saying we need beds and more showers for when we get stuck on something
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    That manager is an asshole. I just bought my first wireless headphone and I wear them everywhere, everytime, when I cook, travel etc... I don't even get why would anyone judge someone's headphone...
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    Should of told him that you have a shy bladder and the only way you can piss in a public bathroom is by cancelling the noise with the headphones.
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    I was so ready for this story :(
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    The manager thought about it for the full 10 minutes before approaching you just because you ignored him the first time. The idiot.
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    You had two options:

    1) To tell him: "Are you kidding me with this shit?" And just go back to work.

    2) Go straight to HR, file a complaint against that douchebag for workpalce bullying and then just quit anyway.

    Why did you nod? T_T, that prick got away with it. It hurts me, man. Fucking outrageous.
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    I’m a project manager, I wear my AirPods while going to the loo... 🤷‍♂️

    Couldn’t care less HOW they do it. As long as they do a good job, I’m happy.

    That’s one narcissistic pm... My condolences.
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    @telephantasm The place where I live, India, people are not so cool with an upfront question. The bosses do not listen to their employees and think the employees are always wrong. India is a good country, people like these make it a toxic work environment.
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    @webapp Thank you, Mr project manager! Thank you for understanding my pain.
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