Me talking with my manager for handover before I leave. Just found out, there is an interview for my position, full stack dev.

No one bother asking me or the manager for tech interview and general manager from business interview alone by herself.

Manager: Do you code?
Poor soul: Yes, I do.
Manager: You are hired!

Shit, now I want to know what they ask to tech candidate without tech ppl.

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    That's concerning
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    Yep, those and other red flags are part of the reason I am leaving.
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    Unfortunately this happens too many often... In my case I then have to find a way to run these people out! In a reasonable way.

    But hey, you're leaving... Probably due to reasons related to that type of management and Hopefully for better, focus on the future
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    File it under "someone else's problem"
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    @segfault0xff that's the right attitude. Today was my own last day. No movement on a real replacement. The most involved person in the handover is the least competent. No stress, not my problem anymore

    When your former employer makes bad decisions as you leave, let it go. And when they call looking for help, charge a premium.
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