Would you hire a developer that believes the world is flat?

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    What about devs who believe birds are fake and created by the government to spy on people?
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    How is this different from any religious belief?
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    So a Google, Microsoft and apple hater?
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    Beliefs are not part of recruiting questions.

    Unless the guy is an unsufferable asshole about that, if he pass the interview, I don't care if he believes about the world being flat, vaccination cause autism, chemtrails, or any other conspiracy, I will hire him.
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    Yes, the dev wud more probably compete on the abilities than behind the shield of legalities or manipulated money.
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    At least not into a GIS position
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    Only for 3D work
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    It should not be an issue if he doesn't try to proselytize. I would actually argue it's discrimatory to hire someone based on beliefs, whack or not. If however, as is often the case with conspiracy nuts, he tries to convert people to the Truth, he is not suited for any job with people around him...
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    No because devs need to be capable of logical thinking.
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    @rantalicious this is a really great explanation!
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    I would definitly not ... :D
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