Sweet it didnt blow up xD

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    Raspberry Pew Pew 💣💥
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    Hey, that's exactly my reaction every time I manage to do something with electronics...
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    Can you imagine the fear when I had to plug the power in? 😱
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    @michezio I like the ruler in the background :)
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    @michezio Needs more jumper wires.
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    @michezio Lol why does it say Slave_cmd.
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    @Learny because that Arduino is actually controlled by an atmega on the breadboard. It sends "SLAVE_CMD" commands to it (and master propagates to other slaves non present here) and receives "MASTR_CMD" from it... That display is just for debugging. I had made my own M/S serial communication protocol, but recently I discarded the idea and converted everything to midi since I was going to use midi anyway.
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