Out of curiosity, what do you guys hear / know about a country called Lebanon ?

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    ......Mia Khalifa......
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    Yummy food!
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    It’s a beautiful place
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    Has experienced a lot of stable and safe periods, despite the geographic location. Has been ruled by Phoenicians, Maronites, Ottomans, then the French between WW I & II, independent since '45 or so. Had some fights with Syria & Israel, and I think a civil war somewhere in the 80s?

    Would love to visit Beirut sometime. 🙂
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    A substantial portion of the catholic community in Peoria, IL is of Lebanese extraction.
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    @Stuxnet this guy knows what were all thinking ;)
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    Ive worked on an educational game for children there.
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    Puppet government ruled by a terrorist group named Hezbollah which takes orders from Iran..

    (That has been the word in the streets of Israel in the past 20 years or so)
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    Awesome food, apart from that maybee hezbola (no idea how to spell it), but that's about it.
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    @ohemelaar I think that is the correct answer. Hummus. Hummus for everyone!
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    @bioDan puppet government ruled by terrorists... I bet the word is the same on a lot of streets in the middle east, about whatever other country. I bet yemenites say it about saudis, lebanese about syrians, kurds about turks, and all the vice versas in that list.

    The truth is that all governments are a little bit corrupt, some a bit more than others. The truth is, that if someone had given me an AK rifle when I hit puberty and put me on the back of a pickup with a bunch of people that called me a "friend", I would have been called a terrorist by the rest of the world too.

    I was just lucky enough to grow up in a boring safe region, with a computer in my bedroom instead of a rifle in my hands.

    The truth is that most Israelis are wonderful people. The truth is that most lebanese, most kurds, most iranians and most syrians are amazing.

    The whole region is filled with hospitable, smart and friendly people, and sadly a few people who I wish had been given a PC instead of an AK47.
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    @bittersweet you are of course correct, but the reason it is more spoken about in Israel is because the inversion in roles- the legitimate party of Allah (Hezbollah) has a dark terrorist (or at least jihadistic) side. That is pretty unique even in the middle east, since mostly it's the other way around. For example we can take hamas- an organisation with military arm and social arm that later joined the politics.
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    @Nanos reaching peace is hard because war is similar to the prisoner's dilemma: https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/...

    Even though peace is the best situation on average for both sides, the threat of betrayal by the other makes it attractive to strike preemptively.
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    @Nanos no that’s Palestine. It’s a fucking tragedy.
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