Let's make a WPF apllication... They said.
Let's add a ScrollViewer... They said.
Let's put a DataGrid inside the ScrollViewer... They said.
Let's disable scrollwheel on the DataGrid... They said.
Let's add a UserControl to a ColumnTemplate in the DataGrid... They said.
Let'a put a ComboBox with a custom template inside the UserControl... They said.

Now let's hope nobody tries to use the scrollwheel on the ComboBox.

Now I have to convince somebody that it's pretty much impossible to enable scrollwheel on the ComboBox.

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    Doesn't sound right..
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    Do you work for ceridian loll, sounds a lot like dayforce
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    Nooooo this is too fucking wrong.
    Putting data grid inside a scroll viewer will give it "infinite" space to expand so it will lose it's virtualization capabilities and loading a lot of data will be very slow because WPF will now render every row even if it is out of view area.

    This is bad... So bad.
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    'They' sound pretty stupid
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