I started a months ago in a new company and I grab a horrible legacy system and what makes me more angry is they know the code isn't code and isn't fit our new reality but they don't want to refactor the same.

So which more features we produce more bugs comes along because the legacy code bugs still on there.

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    Quit... and run!
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    Did they mention legacy crap in tbe interview? Sounds like they needed someone to deal with it because nobody else wanted 🤔
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    Welcome to the real world
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    No, they don't mention a crap system. In fact they lied about a lot stuff and I already leave this company since I didn't fit to the way how they work they fired me.

    Because I always question about how the things works, why don't change, why keep doing the messy things since this is already show doesn't work and etc...

    Well, now I'm working in another company, the salary is bad and it's 6 works days peer week. I'm trying to find some place where I can get some work life balance.

    Sometimes I think to go back to my country.
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