For all you Googlefags, "Serious Chrome zero-day – Google says update right this minute":

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    Here before the tin foil hats start autistically screeching about "ChRoMe SuCkS" and "My RaM" or "FiReFoX iS bEtTeR" lol
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    @Stuxnet Nah. I personally prefer Lynx.
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    ... to Firefox or lynx
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    @Root @FrodoSwaggins Smh the audacity of you to just ignore the obviously superior browser.... IE.
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    @Stuxnet I didn’t forget, but the comment that i posted for internet explorer 4 should be getting here in about 6 months. Have patience.
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    @FrodoSwaggins Ah ok understandable then, I'll wait.
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    Can’t believe people get paid to write something like this...
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    @austudo that's not the only shady thing Google does.
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    @austudo I don't know. maybe people are worried their information might one day get hacked or something.
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    @austudo what about data leaks?
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    @austudo You're telling me I was forced to make a Google+ account in the past by a machine?
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    "In other words, zero days, often written as 0-days..." this writer is stretching his word count as if he writes a report for college
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    @SandervDoorn yeah maybe it was not the best article to share. There's much shorter ones that do a better job of explaining it:
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    @KuroTenshi67 @xugS6fz6A7P8cL5 every company ever made bad decisions like streamlining everything into one social network which nobody cared about, and everyone is vulnerable to hacking. Google do a good job of fixing everything they did, like deleting g+ and fixing the leaks
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    @austudo Google users lol. Why would someone not want to use the services of a company integrated within the illegal PRISM mass surveillance network. And why wouldn't they want to use services which you can't easily opt out of, right?
    And why would someone want control over their data?! That sounds insane.
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    @austudo God I love it when my phone suggests things and shows ads based on verbal conversations I've had with people in its presence.

    I also love that these conversations are recorded and saved forever as "training data" -- and shared with the NSA, of course. They're there to protect us from ourselves, after all. They know what's best.

    What a wonderful world!
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    @Root It's great bc it saves me the time of one Google search once to get ads for a week straight
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    @Kage any idea where can I find proof of concept ?
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    Is it just me or is chrome starting to become IE? It’s so fucking slow now, Edge and FF seem to perform better. I have no add-ons either (not even Adblock).

    This is coming from a Google fanboi btw
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