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    Stop the madness Microsoft
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    Uwp in C++??
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    @CozyPlanes MS has a managed version of C++ called C++/CLI, probably that?
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    Just to get a good rep. It doesn't really mean anything. MS is still a piece of shite.
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    @-red off topic, but thanks for the ++
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    @RememberMe Why is it off topic ?
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    @-red ah I meant, me thanking you for the ++ wasn't related to OP's post.
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    @RememberMe Oh πŸ˜…πŸ˜…πŸ˜πŸ˜
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    I can already see the screaming clickbait titles: "Windows goes OPEN SOURCE"
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    Inb4 doom port to calculator
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    @theKarlisK Not only Windows, but all microsoft software :O (I bet there are people who make huge deal out of small thing ...)
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    " *help* build the calculator".

    Seeing how they abused Windows 10 releases with the Windows Insiders and overall poor quality of the OS, I'm sure their intention is to just freeload off the geeks.
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    @CozyPlanes Yes! You can write UWPs in C#, C++ and JS
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    @gitpush At the same time I see it as some experiment from Microsoft side ...

    "Well we bought up this Ghiit Haab, what do we do with it? How does this... Open? Source? Am I reading this right? Anyway, how does it even work?"

    "You upload your project source up there and maintain it from there, while other people get to see it and chip in with feedback and contributions."

    "For free? We don't sell them a licence or have to outsource them to patch our stuff?"


    "I don't know, seems dangerous - people might find all kinds of security holes which could open the OS up for attacks... that could lead to rushed and slow down some updates."

    "That's not how it works, that's not how any of this works."

    "Fuck it - let's throw the smallest, most meaningless shit we can afford to loose... put Calculator up there, so it seems like we're all about open source and can pretend to care while we figure this shit out."
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    @theKarlisK One century later:
    Aaaah finally we figured out what our ancestors failed to do. This giiit haaab thing needs to be put to sleep, waste of time and money!
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    @gitpush I would not be surprize to hear that they've decided to close down GitHub like 5-8 years later and to integrate everything into Azure (all the while nickel and diming every feature).
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    @theKarlisK Ya I think that's where they are heading to... One platform to rule them all, well since they have "Azure Pipelines" now
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    @DangerousDev 😎
    JS? Really?
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    “Look how fucking edgy I am for mocking Microsoft regardless of what they do” - people in this comment section
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    @iamavalos But...why? It's not like anyone thinks "oh I would love to use Linux but unfortunately it doesn't run the Windows calculator".
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    Now we finally can fix the button that is shifted to the left by 1px!
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    @620hun we're so edgy we could be the preffered web browser for your OS.
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    There’s a difference between open source software and good open source software. I’m interested in win32 programs that are ancient history just from an archaeological perspective, but to actually hack on? Fuck that shit.
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    It's the Windows 10 one, right? Because I've found a bug in the Windows 7 one once.
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    Nope, it's also in the Windows 10 one.
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    Here is the link: https://github.com/Microsoft/...

    And yes, it is the Windows 10 version.
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    Never knew it was this complicated to make a calculator
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    @CozyPlanes why wouldn't it be? Calculators are complicated...
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    @Redders I thought it would be
    It wasn't
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    @CozyPlanes It isn't, if you just have the buttons from 0-9 and +-*/. But you can go arbitrarily far, from Windows calculator to Qalculate to Wolfram Alpha to Geogebra to …
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    @CozyPlanes Yes, you can. :P
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    Binder injections coming up!
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    Ah, from the guys with the infamous "how to build a pc" video. Excellent choice! πŸ‘Œ
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    We all know this is just to get some good repo so that people dont think so much that they spy on them. And why is that ? People think that if something is open-source it wont spy on you. In most cases this is true and most likely the calc is not spying but hey microsoft open-source the kernel of Windows 10 and your settings app. This is how you will gain some fucking trust.
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    The filename casing inconsistency there kills me
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    This is game changing. This will change humanity. Thanos will be very afraid of this legendary Microsoft calculator!
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    I'm not sure if yours is sarcasm, if mot:
    - ms was already the company with most open source repos, even before think to buy github
    - azure devops (before visual studio team services) had and still have FREE private repos and building tools for years (that's why I'm not surprised they did the same on github after acquisition)

    P. S.
    Not for you, but i noticed we already have comments like: ms sucks even in a open spurce calculator news... These guys are sooo coool/s
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    £99 annual fee. £129 for premium
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    @dontbeevil I'm not saying they don't do open source stuff - VS Code is a glaring proof of that. While the actual devs at Microsoft actively use GitHub and contribute to various ongoing projects (both in-house and just on GitHub in genetal), this whole "open sourcing a calculator" makes it seem like higher ups don't know what to do with GitHub now that they've bought it or how to go about open sourcing Windows components. It seems lika a "dipping the toe" kind of a deal.
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    @theKarlisK naahh ... they do "serious open source" wpf, .net core.... but from time time they make also "funny open source" ms-dos, windows 3.0 file manager, calculator ... I find it nice
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    @Redders no they aren’t, we’ve literally had them since the 1970s and they ran on 4 bit microprocessors
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    @dontbeevil that’s the stuff I’m interested in, the ancient windows applications/os code. It’s what I grew up with. The .NET spew that they’re forced to use doesn’t have the same appeal.
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    They should do the same with notepad too
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    @FrodoSwaggins we've had them since the 1960s, but that doesn't make them simple, just because many things are much more complex doesn't make them simple...
    You may be able to build one from parts with instructions, but could you build one without instructions or technical diagrams? How long would if take to figure it out?
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    @Redders I designed a pdp8 in verilog and then built it by hand out of discrete components, designed the circuits myself. That’s way more complex than a calculator.

    Out of ICs that you can buy online, I can make you a calculator for three dollars in less that four hours.

    I even went so far as to design my own language and write all the compilers and libraries for it for the 8. I designed the language so that it was c like but less control over integer/pointer size so that I could write code once and it would run on the 8 (albeit without recursion support) or my original digital pdp11 or modern PCs or vms as well.

    The pdp8 RTL i wrote is under 1000 lines. Granted the damn thing weighs about 450 pounds once built discrete with hand woven ferrite core memory. The RTL for the intel 4004 would fit in 300 lines (I know this because I wrote one of those in verilog too). When your integer pipeline is 4 bits, there aren’t many flops/gates in there. You could read and understand it in one hour. It simply is not complicated. We could barely make ics even in the late 60s and anything that can be made without ICs is not complicated.

    So tldr, no calculators are not complicated. People barely knew anything about integrated or digital logic in the 60s and 70s. Nobody had even “written the book” yet because all those engineers are the ones who did it!! :)
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    None of that makes them simple, you have a load of knowledge that makes it appear simple.
    But ultimately pretty much everything we touch these days is complicated when you consider the amount of prior research and experimentation that went into the things that came before.
    Sure, *many* things are orders of magnitude more complicated, but that doesn't make everything that is less complicated automatically simple.
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