Informative article on why Golang is relevant is today's computing ecosystem. I too find many server side programming being done in Golang nowadays. I liked its c like features and simplicity over complexity.


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    Does it say the more beautiful the more performant?
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    @asgs I picked one of the images, inside article, yes, it says.
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    @ajit555 looking at it again, it seems different. Go stands a little above Java and little below C/C++ perf-wise. But stands tall in beauty, being a little ahead of Erlang
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    PHP is ugly, gay code?
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    Pfff beauty... you know what stands tall in beauty? My ass after I blasted out a fart so hard that it blew some stinkin' socks straight through the room!
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    I don't believe that graph even a little. It shows Go too ideal.
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    Also what's beautiful in C-like code?
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    @irene The fact that you get to feel really smug about using C
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    @inaba ke?

    Anyways. Go is too barebones to really be called beautiful or something like that. Also it's not functional too, adding to previous.

    It might be great for concurrent programming (might!), but the code with little to no abstraction is anything but beautiful.
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    Python is definitely more beautiful than Golang. Tell me whatever you want.
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    @irene per the graph above, C is least beautiful
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    @-ANGRY-CLIENT- absolutely. I love how python looks feels, it's my go-to language many times when writing relatively simple programs, and C/C++ can be not bad too (imo) if you invest in the readability of the code.
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    I love go. I've coded in C++, Java, python, and c#. And I'd still rather be coding in go. It's fast to learn, easy to write, and easy to read. It spoils you with tools like gofmt that will format your code exactly like everyone else's go code. Is easy to set up an environment and start coding. Is just the most pleasant coding experience I've ever had. I love it
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    @Ximidar which IDE you use for Go?
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    @asgs exactly.

    however I don't thing C is ugly. it's just basic but far from ugly
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    @irene I don't think any of the languages are "ugly" per se. Maybe the Author thought writing boiler plate is ugly
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    Typical Medium article, full of inaccuracies and blank assertions. To me, the article reads like fanboy drivel "Any language sucks to the degree it isn't Go".

    That diagram alone... While I see no definition for "beautiful, straight code", I don't believe for a second that Perl, Python and Ruby can be lumped together at the bottom end, with C# that far better.

    And then these gems:
    - "... Pentium 4 ... 3.0GHz ... in 2004 ... Mackbook Pro 2016 ... 2.9GHz. So, nearly in one decade, there is not too much gain in the raw processing power" - then shows a graph how single-thread perf has increased by an order of magnitude.
    - "Go does not have crazy programming syntax like other languages have. It has very neat and clean syntax." - so does assembly, your point?
    - "Does not support inheritance. That will make code easy to modify ... no constructors, no annotations, no generics, no exceptions" - these also have downsides, but we're not gonna talk about that, are we.

    0/10, would not read again
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    @electrineer i'm gay and i despise php (but i love go!), i don't condone this style of conduct
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    @-ANGRY-CLIENT- *personally* i don't like the sudden stops that python code has, i like the closing curly braces or the </foo things in html-likes or even the end chain in ruby. That's why i like languages such as go, c, ruby etc
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    @ajit555 I just use sublime text with some plugins for auto complete and fmt on save and such.
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    Looks like the author is really freaking biased in favor of Go.

    If I had to guess, they also hate Python (and by extension all other interpreted languages), and have only heard of C through C#.

    The article looks useless.
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    @-ANGRY-CLIENT- Well, hum, okay... I ate a raclette at dinner. That was pretty great.
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    Go and c# are not that great as languages and have really ugly ass code
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    I think the beauty chart is reversed. Like towards the right is fucking ugly and to the left is beautiful. Honestly, gos syntax is so annoying. Python and Ruby are in my opinion beautiful. And since beauty lies in the eye of the beholder, no one can tell me something else.
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    Here's my verdict on the article in a word: SHIT
    In a couple of words: UTTER CROCK OF SHIT

    Did Python, Perl, Ruby and JavaScript fuck him up badly or something? And why is he comparing scripting to coding while talking about concurrency and parallelism.

    Go compares largelyp with the Java, C and C++ trio.. also Rust must be added to the mix.

    Yes, everyone seems to be gay for Go. I give it that but it does NOT fall in the highest category of beautiful code - just a little better than C/C++ and Java ofc.
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    @irene feeling smug about C is because today, young people are lazy and undisciplined. So they avoid pointers and manual resource management. Instead, they drink alcohol, smoke weed and are after the blonde from next door.

    It's not like in the old times where we learned with blood and tears and freakin' PAPER BOOKS and even needed to read the disassembly because compilers were not as reliable, and even the radio was still black and white!
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    @Fast-Nop well, even using C++ one can (and should) write code without any pointers (even smart ones) using modern references and move/copy semantics.
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    @-ANGRY-CLIENT- python is especially beautiful when you put a generator into generator to generate while you generate 😁

    PS: I did that somewhere. It was pretty logical but somewhat hard to read.
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    @ajit555 Specifically I followed this guide for setting up Sublime text. VS Code also has something similar that is easier to install, but I paid for sublime text so I'm going to use it...

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    I like go, I hate go, I write go. Let's write a simple article about go here:

    # Pros
    - Its compiled, fast by nature
    - handles multi threading well, its easy to start a thread and get some result
    - package management ecosystem is better than npm
    - you can't import stuff that you don't use, it won't compile
    - functions can return multiple values
    - you can define a variable withouth explicitly giving its type with := operator. You can give explicit type too if you wan't, best of both worlds

    # Cons
    - doesn't have function overloading support
    - a little bit wierd function definitions
    - you can't write a code block withouth parenthesis

    # Other Notes
    - you can't define unused variables, you have to comment/uncomment much code when you are learning by trial and error.

    Did I attached graphs? No. It's fucking pointless.
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    C# beautiful? Are u blind or masochistic?
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    python is misplaced, needs to be smack bang in the middle.

    Also C# can burn in hell

    (still can't find a lang that isn't C/C++/Assembly that'll let me draw arbitrary data to the screen without stupid fucking game libs)
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    @irene that’s not reasonable to write c++ code without pointers. Is it possible? Generally yes, but to do that you are implementing the indirection by hand. It’s the difference between jump register (which is slower than jump absolute) or 20 jump absolutes to implement what a jump register does. Pick your poison. I do what’s faster cleaner and easier to maintain whatever it might be.
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