So I just changed from SublimeText to Atom and so far it's pretty neat. What do you guys think about Atom?

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    Everyone hates atom around here for the most part
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    @AleCx04 Cuz of microsoft innit?
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    I like Atom, wrote my first plugin for it ; but I prefer VSCode, it's just so much faster (at least it was last I tried Atom), and I've come around to enjoying how it looks more nowadays.

    Now I keep oscillating between VSCode and the IDEA series, just because I have a student licence and CLion is just less of a hassle when working with C/C++ on Windows
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    @CptFox intresting. It seems like most people tried it out some time ago and then returned back to whatever they were using because of the speed issues.
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    In a word:

    In three words:
    slow and clunky.

    In seven words:
    very slow and clunky, but otherwise great.
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    Electron is one of the key examples of bloated, unnecessarily slow software (see http://tonsky.me/blog/... ). Atom is written in Electron (as is VS Code). ‘Nuff said
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    @ElixirX everyone hates Microsoft around here as well for some reason.

    Hating shit is popular around these motherfuckers
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    @AleCx04 "Hey! I hate you! (I lied, I love you, please take me back)"
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    Atom was a good alternative before VS Code.

    Now VS Code is superior to Atom in any way
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    @ElixirX not really for me, I used Atom for a long time. Only after trying VSCode did I stop using. But yeah, its lack of speed has always been what stopped me from returning to it.
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    Atom is interesting because I do like it I think it’s a great editor. And definitely has the best plugins for playing around.

    But I really prefer VS Code Aesthetically, performance wise, feature wise, and plugin wise. But for some reason I will always prefer the find and replace feature in atom more than VS Codes.

    It’s a great editor but personally it’s just not as good as VSCode
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    @CptFox I think I have VSCode installed so I will try it out later 🤔
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    I was surprised by the wide adoption of Atom.

    When it was introduced ("Hackable editor for the 21st century, you just have to accept it's essentially a browser!") I thought it would have terrible performance and thus not gonna fly. I was right on the first point, but boy was I wrong on the second. Again, because I thought the same about Chrome. Yet here we are, everyone on the "one process per HTML tag!!111" bandwagon. 🤷‍♂️

    I just wish people gave more love to other editors beside Atom. Funnily, also to other browsers beside Chrome.

    PS: I stayed with Sublime Text.
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    @ElixirX Atom is slow to open in my MBP 2018 maxed specs. Try VS Code
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    @ElixirX Which languages do you use ? I might have some plugin suggestions for some of them 😊
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    @Devnergy Atom opened basically as fast as sublime did for me on my 470p thinkpad ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

    @CptFox I do a little bit of everything because I'm a student, but mostly JS, java and python. I found some but would gladly take your recommendations :D
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    @ElixirX For JS, Quokka.js is really fun, it's kinda like Apple's Playgrounds for Swift: it keeps running your script and showing your variables' values inlined with your code.

    For Python, just the standard Python extension, and I don't do Java so can't help you there.

    As a student, you probably have to do some LaTeX: LaTeX Workshop is awesome for that. It gives you a preview panel à la Overleaf/ShareLaTeX, but also if you have equations inside $$, it will render it on hover with an added cursor sign to help you when equations get too huge, like in the picture attached (the cursor is that fancy sign that looks like two stacked +).

    Also, if you use git (and you should), Git History and GitLens are both really nice when you're too lazy to start your other tools.
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    @CptFox Awesome thanks for all the recommendations :D
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    Love it! Very fast and it just works for my needs.

    Tried vs code but don't want my fucking code editor to call home multiple times an hour.
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    @ElixirX like they said, choose your own poison. Whatever makes you happy and productive 😀
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    @Devnergy indeed. I was just curious because most of the stuff I could find when I Ducked it was that it was slow, but as most of the posts were about 3 yrs old I couldn't imagine it still being so shit xD
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    Switch to visual studio code.
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    It's the proof that Microsoft can copy sublimeText better than Atom
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