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    Arghhhh! It’s fucking code not codes.
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    Haha, that's funny. My dad works on an oil tanker as helmsman. Yesterday he told me about this time they drove though a small river in France
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    "codes" is about as accurate as the tag used to post this garbage. There's a joke/meme category for a reason, use it!
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    Well true, but it's not bad if you understand what the ide is writing. It just win more time, it's faster and it write a readable, beatifull code.

    Personally it's not because i'm lazy it's just usefull and learn me stuff
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    I never use my auto-complete... it gives me the wrong variables most of the time so I'm faster just typing it..
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    @FinlayDaG33k Mine doesnt make stupid things. My IDE have a very good IA ^^ He code better than me.
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    Oh great, facebook-grade memes made it to devRant
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    That is sketchy AF. Haha I would not want to be driving either boat.
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