Modern development methodologies:

SDD - sales driven development.
TDD - torture driven development.
BDD - bug driven development.
CPDD - copy&paste driven development.

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    You forgot SODD - StackOverflow Driven Development
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    And ACDD - Angry Customer Driven Development
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    GDD - googling driven development.
    AASDD - ask a senior driven development.
    MDD - meeting driven development.
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    PDD- philosophy driven development
    LDD- legacy driven development
    FDD- framework driven development
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    DD’s Discount
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    BZDD - Buzzword Driven Development

    (Cloud machine learning blockchain based IoT toaster anyone?)
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    Blue Screen Of Death Driven Developement

    When you have shitty PC's
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    LDO - Lunatic Object Design...

    RDWC - Ressourceful Developement Without Concept.....

    ICUTFTD - I can use this Feature, too design
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    DDD - Development Driven Development. When you have to adapt your code because of changes in your dependencies.
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    I’d prefer triple D - Deadline Driven Development
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    BDD - bonus driven development [the one you hear legends of]
    SRDD - salary reduce driven development
    DTNDD - do the needful driven development
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    End of support/life driven development
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    HDD - Hope driven development
    You write some code and hope it works.
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    No fucks driven development
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    @rutee07 today we've got a case of STD.

    Colleague (Architect) who is about to leave got promoted to a Bugfix whore because the current Bugfix bimbo resigned and called in sick.

    Including myself, 4 developers resigned in a short time. And more are considering it :)
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    @-psr bugs = features? And it's done when it's done?
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    @darthkebab it'll be done when I get to it! Don't mess with my coffee man! Jk
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    Hype-driven development.

    Always jump on the bandwagon of what's cool at the moment, no matter the cost due to fear of missing out.
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