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    me too, if i could i would marry python
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    I don’t.
    But it’s had its many uses in the past.
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    You should be friend with @lxmcf since you both share the same love for Python.
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    @rutee07 You're very welcome. I had to look through my comments to remember how to spell his name, but that was worth it, I'd say.

    I'm not afraid of the flannel shirt guy anyway! (Except if he's riding an emu)
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    #wk149 🤣... jk
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    @rutee07 oh I just did it too .. moved from ASP.NET MVC to Java 😅 because of changing jobs .. I did it once before when I moved from PHP to ASP.NET .. its risky, but you learn a lot from it
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    I love PHPython-chemicals
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    Used it the other day. Dynamic nature of it gives me some trouble. I wrote a class that had a merge method. You have it another instance of the same class and it returned a new object with the fields summed up. I really didn't enjoy accessing the fields on the other parameter. No intellisense help, because python had no way of knowing that I am supposed to give it instances of the same class. Plus, a good bit of run time error danger.

    Does anyone have a good python solution for that?
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