What do you guys think about #uploadfilter ? Are companies like Google, Facebook etc. even able to create a working copyright filter algorithm?

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    No because it's impossible.
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    Nope. I think (and hope) that they won't bother, and threaten to just leave the EU market entirely if anyone tries to prosecute them. Whatcha gonna do, block everyone's Google and Facebook accounts?
    And hopefully the small platforms will follow suit and just not give a fuck, driving home the point that this regulation is nonsense. Though I'm afraid they won't be able to, since small companies don't have enough leverage against big regulators, so in the end this will only help fuck the small companies even further while the big guys laugh all the way to the bank.
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    It is technically impossible. You need a constantly updated database of each and every existing work (digital and in the real world) and then an algorithm that is capable of comparing every uploaded bit with every item in that database. Creating such a database is impossible in the first place, and even Google's massive infrastructure would struggle to go for the comparing task.
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    @TobiSGD even if such database exists, there is no way to determine if a given content is using another content in a way that is protected by its copyrights or not. The current filters on YouTube are already limiting legal use of content, because some creators don't want to fight the system.
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    And even IF it's possible, and someone develops a filter, it will effectively decimate any and all future competition against existing platforms.

    Anyone who isn't able to pay millions for the filter will be sued out of existence.

    I'm really surprised Google and Facebook is even trying to fight it!
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    simple solution: stop operating in the EU.
    1. don't show any news from there at all.
    2. don't allow content to be uploaded/ shared from the EU. Redirect to EU anti article 11, and article 13 site in case users insists.

    Thats the only way to do it.
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    @magicMirror It is pretty hard to stop operating in the EU when your company is EU-based and almost all your customers are too, though.
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