Petition for the pixelated avatars joke to be a permanent feature.

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    @rutee07 huoahu
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    Permanent pixels please 😊
    and binary ++!
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    With your ++ count increasing, the resolution of your avatar could slowly get better. 1 pixel per ++ or something?
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    @dfox @trogus come here and read @7400 s comment
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    @iamavalos why can't you mention me....?
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    Make users more pixelated the longer thwy were offline from devRant. That would be hella cool.
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    I posted this as a comment on my rant, but just to have it here too:

    We got a lot of feedback that people would like this feature to stay. We’ve decided that we’re going to add an option for devRant++ members to be able to display all avatars in this pixelated form. We think it works well as that feature because it’s non-essential to the app and also has an associated server cost because we now need to render and serve an entirely different set of avatars from our CDN.
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    @dfox woohoo :)
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    @rutee07 I guess so
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    @finiteAutomaton most epic idea ever.
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    Id like it to be an optional feature.
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