*BSOD appears
*PC Restarts
*Windows updating (oh shit)
*Windows taking forever to finish update
*Me getting angry
*Me press Enter with Anger (while windows updating..)
*Login Screen appears immediately

Oh ok.. wish I knew that from the beginning..
or it's coincidence.. 🤔🤔

Whatever.. *Opens Android Studio*

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    *Login screen appears immediately
    *Clicks shutdown
    *Installs arch
    *Installs Android studio
    *Opens Android studio
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    So you suggest not to backup the code, lose lot of time uninstalling/installing new OS + environment>...
    OK we get it, you use Arch
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    @lazyDev it was a joke ragging on windows. It was more about Linux in general, not arch. That just happens to be what I use, cause I originally installed it to learn more about Linux, and never switched.
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