Considerations when looking for a tech video course:

5%: Does it have good ratings
5%: Is it priced reasonably
90%: Does the narrator have a smooth soothing voice with an intonation which keeps me dreamy & enchanted, yet with an energized articulation, like a cup of Jasmin tea with clover honey on a dreary Sunday afternoon.

The content may be very good, but if I have to sit through 30 hours of material, you better tickle my ears the right way.

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    Weird Indian accent: 'Hello mu friend'

    *Close tab*

    I am so sorry, I don't deny your expertise and knowledge but I just can not listen to your accent.
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    Also: typing sounds/mouse clicks... instant quit!
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    Posted here by someone a while ago. Relevant
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    I made some programming video tutorials (not in English). Initially I wasn't sure that people would appreciate them, because I don't consider myself a great speaker. I tried just because a friend told me I was good at explaining things.
    What really surprised me is how different are the comments about my voice: «Your voice is so relaxing, I love it», «You are talking too fast», «You are boring». LOL. Under the same video! I learned this things are too subjective.
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    I want coarses in gruntlike heavy metal man 😂
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    I wonder if I just took the content of Indian tutorials and put my honeyed British accent on them would they be better received?
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    Yes please. Also, can you turn some of my erotic novels about a young dashing database admin and this cute QA girl into audiobooks? It's full of juicy stuff.

    "Bob stroked her hair and whispered: 'Do you want to test the integrity of my love column', to which she replyed: 'oh, this is such a hot feature, I want to feel your indexes glide through my fingers, fucking take me on your table, lick my keys! Fuck yes tell me you have a unique constraint for me, this inner join touches me in ways I've never been touched before, I will allow you to deploy! Fucking deploy deep inside me!'. Bob might not have been flawless, but his response times were just irresistable, his performance unmatched, and as he stared deep into her eyes a million little foreign keys exploded from the tip of his..."

    Well, you get the idea. Do we have a deal?
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    @bittersweet I'm in, not even a second thought...
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    @bittersweet Sorted under (L)ike(G)roup(B)atch(T)ransaction(Q)uery
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