Considerations when looking for a tech video course:

5%: Does it have good ratings
5%: Is it priced reasonably
90%: Does the narrator have a smooth soothing voice with an intonation which keeps me dreamy & enchanted, yet with an energized articulation, like a cup of Jasmin tea with clover honey on a dreary Sunday afternoon.

The content may be very good, but if I have to sit through 30 hours of material, you better tickle my ears the right way.

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    Explore new course

    Weird Indian accent: 'Hello mu friend'

    *Close tab*

    I am so sorry, I don't deny your expertise and knowledge but I just can not listen to your accent.
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    Also: typing sounds/mouse clicks... instant quit!
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    That white noise on the background hmmmm so wonderful
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    I cannot do video tutorials, it is too difficult for me to sit and listen.

    I have to either read from a book or blog and follow along, or the best way for me to learn, is find something I want/need to build and just dive in.

    I will review the language semantics through a written tutorial or summarized document to get the syntax down. Then start as complex of a project I can think of, looking up functions in the docs as I go along and getting used to the semantics.

    Most of the time I have to delete/refactor the code or start from scratch after every 1-2 days as my knowledge grows. But within 3-4 days I can somewhat write what I want regardless of the technical complexity. I just keep Googling what I don't know as I go along. I think after having a solid foundation in the underlying principles of programming which are language agnostic (except going to something completely different like functional) is the best way for me to learn.

    I never retain info from video tutorials
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    Posted here by someone a while ago. Relevant
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    I made some programming video tutorials (not in English). Initially I wasn't sure that people would appreciate them, because I don't consider myself a great speaker. I tried just because a friend told me I was good at explaining things.
    What really surprised me is how different are the comments about my voice: «Your voice is so relaxing, I love it», «You are talking too fast», «You are boring». LOL. Under the same video! I learned this things are too subjective.
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    I want coarses in gruntlike heavy metal man 😂
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    I wonder if I just took the content of Indian tutorials and put my honeyed British accent on them would they be better received?
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