Client: I know other developers who would do the same and much more for much less.

Me: I am glad you chose to work with me instead.

Client: I mean I like the site but I still feel that the development process has taken longer than it should have.

Me: Well, it is within the time frame I had said I would be able to have the first version of the site running. I have also implemented quite a number of new features that we had not earlier agreed on.

Client: I think I'll pay (quotes less than 20% of the total cost ).

Me: That is less than the amount that you were to pay as the first instalment ages ago!!

Client: I mean I like the site, but I think it still lacks the X factor. I want ...*goes on to mention other features*

Me: While I take pride in making my clients happy, I believe this process should be mutually beneficial. You are constantly making requests for new features but are making no attempts to meet your end of the agreement.

Client: FYI, there are people begging me for this job.

Me: *Takes down the site.* I wish you all the best, I hope the other developers are up to your standards.

Client: *Literally ignoring the fact that I just quit*. I want (makes more requests).

I am simply going to ignore this one!!!!

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    LOL yeah a lot of change requests and then the client expects things to become cheaper? I mean, it's written in the contract what he has to pay?

    Btw., "devrant" is the tag for things related to the devRant platform itself while normal developer rants are just "rant". And hashtags are for Twitter.
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    @Fast-Nop. With the minimum amount, he should pay for a set of features!!! So annoying!!

    haha, I'll try to keep my twitter habits on twitter. I wouldn't want to cause the apocalypse or worse destroy devrant!!
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    So recognizable! I had a client that I got from a friend who didn't have time. So I met with this client, he had quite a nice document with all new features he wanted in a custom built cms. I made him an offer which he accepted so I started work. Everything was going well, at some point he mentioned there was a deadline. Ok, fine, but you know these buga you pointed out, I strongly recommend fixing them first! No no that can be done later. Ok client.

    I completed all new features and he tested them. Everyrging was fine according to him. Then, the deadline kicked in. So he got busy with his cms and turns out something was not working properly on production! Why? Because those bugs caused it!!! He was so pissed off at me! I fucking warned you for that and strongly advised against fixing the bugs later. Now shit breaks and you blame me?? Fuck you man! He didn't answer any more and it took a lot of effort to get payed. He payed 80% because he said it's an appropriate amount for what I did.
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    Yup, blacklist this one. For future reference though, don't get caught up in these conversations about features, quality of work, etc. Issue an invoice for the full amount, and if you get:

    "I think I'll pay (quotes less than 20% of the total cost )."

    You simply need to say:

    "As per the attached contract, we agreed on a figure of (full amount) for the work stated. As this work has now been completed, funds are now due. Please see the attached invoice, payment is due by (due date)."

    If they keep arguing, just then have a canned response along the lines of:

    "I'm afraid I have to insist on the original terms that were agreed on (date). Please pay in full by (due date). Violation of these terms through non-payment or reduced payment may result in legal action."

    Keep sending that if you need to. If they're just trying it on (which it sounds like they are), that should get the message across.
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    @AlmondSauce This.

    People are vile, corrupt pieces of shit, so sadly it's either be a bitch or get taken advantage of.
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    not to blame you, the client is a prick obviously, but it sounds like maybe you weren't firm enough at first and he thought he could get away with shaming you into working for less than agreed. he's your client, you should be respectful but you don't have to be nice, especially with this kind of behaviour
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    You are probably the nicest person I know.
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    That same kinda thing happened twice a time with me.
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    Very recognizable. I had this client constantly requesting new features while testing mutually agreed deliveries and later on complaining about the project being delayed and more expensive.

    They stopped doing that after I started to flag every minor addition as 'additional-feature' and responded to every of these requests with 'yes, we can do that. Please approve X extra hours and an X days extended project period if you would like us to implement this feature'
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    The client is shit, but you have part of the fault, because you never work more than the specified in the agreement. It has exceptions, for example, is not a first-time client, and you never had problems with him/her.
    You can be the nicest person in the world, but other people are not the same as you, so you don't complain when a client backslash you.
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    What happened after that? Did he even notice the site being down?
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    @maushax In the end, people tend to be greedy fcks that only want to benefit themselves :p
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    @AlmondSauce as a freelancer I need to say your advice is worth gold. Especially to the new ones that are just starting to become independent
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    @Melvynne : Loved the smartness in your answers to the tricky questions/statements that your client was making, especially the first half of the conversation.
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